How to replace the Ear pads on Beats Studio 2/3 wired wireless Headphones

If you have owned your beats studio headphones for a long time,and use it frequently,the ear pads have started to break down,or the ear pads have fallen to pieces.It might be time to replace them.This guide shows you how to install the replacement ear pads.

1,Remove the old ear pads

Using your triangle tool, gently pry the earpads away from the speaker housing of the studio headphones. Make sure that you insert the pry tool between the leather of the earpad and the plastic of the housing. You’d better to start at the bottom of the earpads, and work your way around the entirety of each earpad until it comes off.

2,Make sure to remove any excess residue on the speaker housing.

3,Remove the paper from tape

If you purchase the ear pads from our website, the tape should be already applied to the backside of the ear pads.Remove the paper frome tape,the ear pads are secured with double-sided tape.

4,Align the positioning on the speaker housing

Make sure that the holes in the tape are lined up properly with the holes in the earpad’s plastic frame, so that the locating column on the speaker housing can fit into them and that the notch in the tape is facing downwards towards the seam in the earpad.


5,Press the earpads when fit it

Please press the earpads when fit it on the speaking housing.After installation completed,please fix the ear pads to a few books about twelve hours.


Over all we have many kinds of designed ear pads for Beats studio 2 3 headphones to select .If you have any questions in regards to this guide, feel free to email us and we will try our best to reply to you as soon as possible.



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