Our Story

What We Do

Kahha is a company that specializes in designing for products

including headphone accessories, mainly ear pads,mobile phone

accessories,mainly mobile phone housing etc.

The Kahha Story

Everything moves so fast on our modern society-5G,bluetooth,

mobile phone,and everyone is also pursuing their own unique

lifestyle.We are a customizing company,which means that we

take things that would be changed your better life.This means

that we will send you want life.Keep in contact with us when you

want to become your better life,and we will crave constant

communication thronghout your whole ordering process.Anyway,

why not tweet a few more times about Kahha?maybe we’ll be

retweeted by someone,maybe we know your request as soon as


If you have any questions,you can fell free to communicate with

us which are attached to them.